Open positions

Interested prospective PhD students are encouraged to apply via the Life Science Graduate School Zurich or contact Gerald Schwank directly. Applicants for PostDoc positions can contact Gerald Schwank directly.

Open MSc projects
We currently have the following projects available:

Improving genome editing tools with high-throughput methods (minimum 6 months)
Students will be involved in the improvement of CRISPR-Cas-based genome editing tools. They will learn a broad set of skills throughout the project, including molecular cloning, mammalian cell culture, and next-generation sequencing. Furthermore, there will be many opportunities to apply their skills in data analysis and programming (mostly Python). High interest in the topic, willingness to learn new techniques, and an intrinsic motivation to dive into the exciting world of genome editing are required. Interested students are encouraged to contact Gerald Schwank and briefly describe their motivation and attach their CV. For more details regarding the project, contact Nicolas Mathis.